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Electric USB table lighter

Our Electricarc table lighter is an electric USB lighter. It is rechargeable and flameless – ignites without the use of gas. Instead of a traditional flame, it produces a high-voltage glowing electric arc, so you instantly can ignite all manner of flammable material e.g. a candle, outdoor fire pits or BBQ grill.

Our designs and durable construction make it good for utility use in your home and is also a decorative object at the same time.

These electricarc table lighters are your sustainable choice – environmentally friendly due to rechargeable battery, so you avoid to purchasing new batteries every time it goes flat.

It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is windproof.

Helpful LED lights indicate battery level and a well-placed safety switch make our products absolutely safe – it will also automatically power off after 10 seconds when not in use.

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