About the designers

The Design duo mencke&vagnby consists of Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby, who both have many years of experience with creative processes.

Karina Mencke – born 1977
Industrial Designer graduated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation

Marcus Vagnby – born 1981
Industrial Designer graduated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation

”Creativity is for us the way we look at the world, the motion by which we expand the possibilities of space. Asking questions and looking for new ways is our approach to design as well as life itself”

– Karina & Marcus

The designers’ story about mignis

In 2011 Mikael Skjoldager introduced us to a new idea for a whole new line of products – table lighters for the modern Scandinavian home. Not a pocket lighter or a cheap plastic lighter, but a new generation of table lighters, meant for lighting candles, fireplaces and grills.

Products with focus not only on functionality, but a line of table lighters that could be displayed next to other big Danish Design icons as well as fit right into a cozy and modern home. We too, were convinced that Mikael’s idea for this new product category was amazing. A good team around mignis was founded and a long development journey could begin.

The development of a minimalistic and functional table lighter is easier said than done. Having worked on the line for half a decade, the initial idea has now been brought to life and three unique table lighters have taken their shape.


Slim is the practical all-purpose table lighter. Its long cylinder shape makes it suitable for lighting fireplaces, the tea lights in lanterns etc. Based on traditional Danish design with attention to every detail. Slim has an easily adjustable, soft and pleasant flame and can be refilled.


Stone is a decorative and functional table lighter. The soft and elegant design will effortlessly fit into the modern home. The beautiful and minimalistic design of Stone, also contributes to a pleasant user experience as Stone has a nice grip. This table lighter is suitable for lighting candelabras and other candles. This product is refillable.


Sculpture has an iconic design that displays itself beautifully in the modern home and is very user-friendly. With its elegant and ergonomic grip, Sculpture is easy to use and ignites with a simple ’squeeze’ – for your enjoyable user experience.The long neck allows lighting of lanterns, candles and where it is difficult to reach. This product is refillable.

Slim Arc

Slim Arc is the epitome of the modern sustainable, all purpose table lighter. With its simple, beautiful and very tangible design, Slim Arc comes with USB charging technology – available in most homes.

The design is based on the circle as the ultimate clean basic shape. Extruded as a tube it provides a simple, yet comfortable tool that fits well in the hand. We have developed special buttons/features to increase safety and comfort. Slim Arc is stylish, simple and straightforward! Like our regular Slim lighter (with lighter gas), you can easily light your fireplace, candles, hurricanes, lanterns, etc.It is also suitable for festive moments/occasions.