About mignis

The idea

The use of table lighters dates back to 1910, but the inspiration for mignis comes from Dieter Rams table lighters from 1968.

The idea was to make a new interpretation of this old table lighter in a modern Danish design, that meets the needs of the consumer in the 21st century – to light candles, fireplaces or grills.

Often we find ourselves in a situation where we cannot remember where we last left our matches or the dull-looking plastic lighter.

mignis solves this issue by combining shape and function –  as a piece of elegant design, meant to be a part of your interior – always at your fingertips, ready to use.

Our intention is to create a combination of decorative design and a functional element in the home, just like a vase or a candle holder.

The story behind mignis

Mikael Skjoldager got married in the Spring of 2010. On the top of his wishlist was a ‘good-looking table lighter’ to replace the cheap plastic lighters you buy at the supermarkets.

On the day of his wedding, Mikael got a lighter. It was a big lighter, that was neither what he considered as ‘good design’ or something he would display in his home.

When Mikael went to the store to exchange the lighter, it turned out that the store had no other lighters to offer and he was referred to other interior stores.

Having visited the surrounding stores with no luck, he was left with the selection in the supermarkets. At the end of the day he ended up with the money in his hand and no lighter.

Mikael started investigating the gap in the market. After months of thorough market analysis both domestically and internationally, the conclusion was that there were no table lighters in the design and interior segment.

This was the starting point for developing a collection of table lighters to cover the gap in the market.

Mikael contacted the design duo Mencke&Vagnby, who created a reinterpretation of this forgotten product category.

Who is mignis?

FuzzyLab ApS develops, trades and produces brands like mignis and other high-end design products throughout the world.

FuzzyLab was founded in 2010 by Mikael Skjoldager. Initially the company worked as an agent for Danish industrial designers by helping them find new international customers. Fuzzylab then evolved to be a distribution company, importing and exporting design and interior products to the Scandinavian market.

Today, FuzzyLab is a design and development company that exclusively develops its own products and brands.

Meet the mignis team

Mikael Skjoldager



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Sales and administration


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Marcus Alexander Madsen

Export Sales


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Agents & Distributors

Hans Snestrup

Agent Denmark


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Melmath BVBA

Agent Benelux


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