Sustainable quality

Sustainable quality can be directly translated into an extended lifespan, thus a mignis table lighter, could be the last lighter you will ever need to buy.

Our green initiative is based on offering a classic, long lasting and beautifully designed product. A product meant to pass down generations, just like a designer lamp. We are the counterpart of the unappealing plastic lighters from the supermarkets.

mignis wants to renew the mindset of a linear value chain that starts with the extraction of resources and ends up as waste.

We want to help break the habit of overconsumption, by helping consumers buy fewer and better products, that lasts longer. If repairing is needed, it is crucial for us that the customer, experience this process as hassle free as possible.

At mignis, sustainability already starts by seeking out good solutions during the initial design phase – by minimizing the use of material into the design and by ensuring the product can be separated and recycled.

We have our own repair shop and maintenance advice/videos on our website, all in effort to help extend the life of your table lighter. Our products can be returned to us after use. We ensure circular recycling, either by separating the product for sustainable disposal or by repairing, reselling or lending the products. We call this approach long-term circulation.

There are many different ways of sustainable and green initiatives. At mignis we have a crystal-clear strategy for sustainability. We want to offer meaningful products with a long lifespan – due to our confidence in our products you automatically receive an extended warranty when registering your product on our site.

Long-term circulation is our green initiative, to help break the habit of overconsumption – for the benefit of future generations. mignis offers long lasting design and sustainable quality.

Sincerely yours

Mikael Skjoldager