Rules for carry-on luggage

mignis table lighters are classified under ‘dangerous goods’ UN1057. Certain measures need to be taken when traveling by plane.

If you bring a lighter, you must show it in the security check and then store it in your pocket. Only bring 1 lighter. Do not bring your lighter in carry-on luggage or in checked luggage as there is a risk of spontaneous combustion.

We also recommend that you check your airline’s regulations as there may be other instructions that you must consider. Other rules may apply if you continue your journey with another carrier. You can find updated information about allowed luggage on your airline’s website. Some countries may have restrictions in terms of what products you can bring. Therefore, it may be a good idea to check the local rules for your departure airport, transit airport and destination before you travel.

We recommend to empty the gas from the table lighter by applying pressure to the filling valve with the tip of a pointed object until there is no more pressure and gas in the table lighter. We recommend to carry it on your person.


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