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Gas lighter – interior design for the home

Our decorative and functional table lighters are powered by lighter gas. The collection consists of three models in different colors and surfaces and comes with different flame types – Jet-flame and Soft-flame. In addition, we also have our own mignis lighter gas, which fits all our gas table lighters.

The design and function are well-thought-out and make it easy to use anywhere in the home and after use also a decorative element.

Our table lighters are a sustainable choice – a showdown with the “buy and throw away” culture as well as the use of cheap plastic lighters and matches. The design is created to last for decades, it can easily be refilled with lighter gas and the choice of material is in high quality, that makes it possible to offer an extended warranty of 5 years.


The Sculpture and Stone table lighters are equipped with the windproof “jet-flame” technique and thus suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The jet-flame technology creates a directional flame, which makes it suitable for purposes – e.g. lighting a tealights, hurricanes, candlesticks and other candleholders for outdoor use.

Slim table lighters are equipped with the normal classic soft flame.

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