Table lighter – A Forgotten Product Category Reinterpreted

mignis Stone Table Lighter

A table lighter differentiates itself from a ‘normal’ lighter through its purpose. Table lighters is contrary to ‘normal’ lighters designed to decorate the table and home, which explains the name. They serve as an interior product similar to for an example a candlestick or a vase.

The use of table lighters goes back to 1910 while the popularity thereof topped in the 50’s and the 60’s. They existed in many shapes and colors as you can see here.

Back then there were a lot of people that smoked both inside and outside. Having the table lighters right at your fingertips was convenient as the primary function was to light cigarettes and cigars.

Alongside with fewer people smoking and bans of smoking inside was implemented at more and more restaurants, the use of table lighters similarly dropped.

The need of having a table lighter never faded away but was forgotten. The use of candles, fireplaces or barbecues are common among most people. When we want to have a good time and ‘cozy things up’, we light candles or the fireplace. In the summer we light up the barbecue and sit outside all night surrounded by the mesmerizing light from the candles.

The need for a table lighter has moved from smoking to lighting candles, the fireplace and the barbecue. In these situations, the table lighter solves the issue of not remembering where you have left your lighter when needing it. By being displayed in the home as a beautiful element, the table lighter is always ready for use.

mignis table lighters made a reinterpretation of the concept and adapted itself to our evolved needs. The collection of our three table lighters are all designed to be displayed and decorate your home. This way we always have our table lighter within reach.


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