Soft-Flame or a Jet-Flame lighter?

Slim Table Lighter

There are many different types of lighters, and there are likewise several different types of flames. The most well-known types of flames are the soft-flame and the jet-flame. Historically soft-flame was the first to be developed. Concurrently with the technological evolution it was made possible to develop a lighter with a jet-flame. This also reflects in the price, as the soft-flame is a cheaper technology than the jet-flame technique.

Soft-flame lighter

This type of flame is as the name indicates a soft-flame. One of its characteristics is that the lighting procedure happens externally. This means that the gas and sparkle process take places outside of the flame nozzle. This explains why the soft-flame is not windproof. An advantage of the soft-flame is that it has a low usage of gas. This has an impact on the lifetime of the flame, which means that a table lighter with a soft-flame can be used several times before it needs to be refilled with gas. A disadvantage of a soft-flame is that the flame bends when you are pointing the table lighter downwards. This reflects the distance, when lighting a candle, as a table lighter with a soft-flame needs to be close to the candle wick to light the candle. The risk of wax or dirt clogging the flame nozzle hereby increases with a soft-flame.

Jet-flame lighter

The jet-flame has on the contrary to the soft-flame a strong and straight flame that keeps the direction of where you point the table lighter. This emphasizes how well a table lighter with a jet-flame is at lighting candles in situations where it is hard to find the wick. A characteristic of the jet-flame is that the lighting procedure of the gas and sparkles happens internally. This explains why this type of flame is windproof and capable of resisting motion. The jet-flame performs very well outdoor when lighting the grill, candle lights, torches or mosquito lights. The jet-flame has a long and partly invisible flame. It consists of an inner- and outer flame, whereas the outer flame is invisible for the naked eye. This great reach of a jet-flame table lighter makes it possible to light candles from a distance.  This reduce the risk of clogging the flame nozzle with wax or dirt when lighting candles.Furthermore, the jet-flame table lighter has a high temperature of approximately 1100 degrees. This specific characteristic is particularly relevant when lighting bio-fireplaces, like the ones from the Norwegian TenderFlame, as these requires a very high ignition temperature.


The conclusion is there are several advantages with a jet-flame table lighter, like the Sculpture or the Stone table lighter from mignis. This type of table lighter makes it easier to light candles, fireplace and grill in the light of the strong, straight, windproof and long flame.


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