Grill season is here – here’s some safety advice

summer night BBQ

As the weather is getting warmer we often enjoy cooking outside on the grill.

This blog entry will offer you some good advice on how to enjoy your BBQ safely over the summer.


Avoid fire hazard

Following last years warm summer there has been drawn more attention to fire hazards, as the dry heat made activities such as barbecuing more risky than usual. It is important that the grill is placed on a solid foundation, which cannot be set on fire. Furthermore, the grill should not be placed close to a bush or an umbrella, as these objects are highly inflammable.

The long neck of Sculpture makes it easy to light your grill safely


Light up your BBQ

When lighting your BBQ you need either a grill starter, briquettes or firelighters. Avoid using lighting fluid, as it is unsafe and can result in an uncontrollable flame and fire. Regardless how you light your BBQ- with a grill starter, briquettes, firelighters or lighting fluids it is recommended to keep a safe distance between you and the BBQ. We recommend using a table lighter with a jet-flame, such as mignis’ Sculpture table lighter. The long neck of Sculpture table lighter, combined with the strong and straight flame offers a safe distance between you and your BBQ.


Putting out your grill

When you are finished cooking on your BBQ, make sure that the flames are out. If you have a coal BBQ you can just let the coals die out. On the opposite, if you have a disposable BBQ you need to pour water on- and beside it.


We wish you a great summer with lots of cozy summer nights with delicious barbecues.



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